Welcome to Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach is located on the north coast of Koh Phangan. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Until 2003 Bottle Beach was cut off from the rest of the island, with access only by long tail boat from either Chaloklum or Thong Nai Pan or a trek through the jungle. Now there is a rough road connecting Bottle Beach and Thong Nai Pan. Despite no longer being cut-off from the rest of Koh Phangan, Bottle Beach remains one of the most unspoiled and remote beaches on the island.

About the Beach

The original name of the beach is Haad Khuad (also sometimes spelt ‘Haad Khuat’) which translates as ‘Bottle Beach’. The name comes from the bottle shape of the beach. The beach is about 500 meters long and is in a crescent shape. The sand is fine, white and powdery. The sea drops off at the perfect angle for swimming. There are no corals off the coast so the sea is good for year round swimming, without any sharp corals under foot. Sometimes you can see small fish near the coast, testament to the cleanliness of the water.

Back from the beach is a line of coconut palms interspersed with the buildings of the 4 resorts on Bottle Beach. Care has been taken to retain the tree line and prevent the over-commercialisation of the beachfront.


Accommodation in Bottle Beach

There are 4 places to stay in Bottle Beach. They are Smile Bungalows, Bottle Beach 1, Haad Khuat Resort and Bottle Beach 2. They all have traditional Koh Phangan bungalows on stilts near the beach.

Bottle Beach 1 has a swimming pool. Haad Khuad Resort has an accommodation block of hotel style rooms. Bottle Beach 2 and Smile Bungalows have the cheapest bungalows. To explore the differences between Bottle Beach Resorts use the links in the navigation bar.

At present all Bottle Beach accommodation can be booked online. If you don’t want to book in advance you can turn up and get a room. This is usually not a problem. There is a steady trickle of people visiting Bottle Beach, but it is not a beach that gets flooded with people around the full moon unlike beaches like Haad Rin and Baan Tai.

NOTE: Coconut Beach Resort is located on the next beach, over the headland to the west of Bottle Beach. There is a rough foot path between the beaches.

Getting to Bottle Beach

Until Koh Phangan Airport is built everyone arrives by boat on Koh Phangan. From the main ferry pier of Thongsala you have a choice to either take a taxi all the way to Bottle Beach. The taxis take the Thong Nai Pan road that starts at Baan Tai. Just before the turning to Thong Nai Pan Noi, there is a road to Bottle Beach. This is an unpaved road with some steep inclines to negotiate. If you are renting a vehicle make sure it has 4 wheel drive. Only those experienced riding the rough terrain of Koh Phangan should attempt the Bottle Beach Road by motorbike.

The other and more scenic route to Bottle Beach is via Chaloklum. You can get a shared taxi to Chaloklum from Thongsala and from there it is usually easy to hire out a longtail boat to take you along the coast to Bottle Beach. You can normally find others heading for Bottle Beach to share the cost of the long tail boat.

If you arrive by boat in Haad Rin you have to first take a shared taxi to Thongsala.

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