Coconut Beach Bungalows


There is a little confusion as to the location of Coconut Beach Bungalows. It is often designated as belonging to Bottle Beach. It is actually on a smaller beach on the other side of the head land to the west. It could be considered as part of Haad Khom or Chaloklum accommodation. However for the sake of inclusivity, I have included it in this website.

Coconut Beach Bungalows has a very small section of beach frontage so it is easy to miss. This is the most tucked away of the Bottle Beach Bungalows; it offers guests the chance to stay in traditional bungalows in the jungle or on the beach. The resort has a restaurant and reception area. The resort runs off solar power, except for the internet connection. The restaurant serves organic, locally sourced food. The management discourages ‘groups of guys and gals’ looking to party.

Accommodation Options

Fan Bungalow – from 300 Thai Baht

There are a string of delightful wooden bungalows on stilts dotted around in the jungle behind Bottle Beach. These bungalows are nicely spaced apart and in a very quiet location. Some of the bungalows are located up a hill.

The bungalows are well made. Inside there is a double bed with mosquito net. There is also a fan and light. Each bungalow also has a separate room with toilet and shower. A lot of love has been put into the decor of the bungalows. Woven baskets on shelves provide space for belongings. There are outdoor areas with reed mating and cushions. These are luxury but basic bungalows.

Electricity comes from solar panels. It is sometimes turned off during the day.

The bungalows only have cold water showers. This is not usually a problem since the water warms up in the tank and by mid-day is pleasantly warm.

Beach Bungalow – from 550 Thai Baht

The Beach Bungalows are traditional bungalows next to the beach. They feature small balcony, double bed, mosquito net, fan and light. They also have en-suite bathrooms with toilet and cold water shower. As with the fan bungalows the bungalows have been lovingly designed for guest comfort. The furnishings have a colour code. The woven baskets, the outdoor areas, the attention to detail is remarkable.

There are only a few beach bungalows available at Coconut Beach Bungalows so it is advisable to book in advance if you have your heart set on a beach location.


Trip Advisor has eventually noticed this resort. All the reviews are positive barring one.  They main selling point of the beach is its peaceful, remote and idyllic location. On, Coconut Beach Bungalows scores an aggregate score of 8.6 out of 10 at the time of writing (February 2021). This resort is mentioned by the Guardian (back then it was called ‘Friendly Bungalows’). The Guardian reviewer wrote:

The staff are lovely and will make you feel like part of the family immediately. The huts are also great – they back right on to the jungle and are so peaceful. Each one is different and they keep them immaculately clean.

Coconut Beach Bungalows is very much a boutique style Koh Phangan business – the focus is on being kind to the environment and enjoying the beauty of nature.


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