Boat Trips to Bottle Beach

On every major tourist beach in Koh Phangan you will find advertised boat tours of the island. All these tours have similar itineraries – they all typically take in snorkelling at Koh Ma (Koh Phangan’s only marine park), a visit to one of the Thong Nai Pan beaches and a stop at Bottle Beach.

The reason that nearly all the day tripping boats stop at Bottle Beach is that it is a fantastic, isolated little beach to visit, and of course, it has no coral reef off its coast so there is no danger to the bigger tour boats.

If you are staying at one of Koh Phangan’s other beaches such as Haad Salad, Haad Yao, Chaloklum, Baan Tai or Haad Rin you might want to do a day trip to explore the island. The choice is between hiring a motorbike and doing the island by yourself or joining a tour group. Most of these tour groups use either dive boats or longtail boats. Travel by sea is a great way to take in the breath-taking scenery of Koh Phangan’s coast line.

Another negative reason to join a boat trip tour of the island is that you don’t risk your holiday cash dealing with motorbike rental. It is a well-known fact that tourists must exchange their passport for a bike and if there is any damage to the bike on return the amount required to get the passport back is often shockingly high.

For those who stay on Bottle Beach who aren’t interested in boat trips the boats arriving every day in the high season can be slightly irksome. They come to Bottle Beach for total relaxation and this can be dispelled by groups suddenly arriving. However, it is surely a minor irritation, a bit like mosquitoes at dusk. Nothing really to get worked up about.

Moreover, in my opinion boat tours coming and going are infinitely preferable to jet skis zooming off shore menacing swimmers and polluting the air.