Bottle Beach Song

This appears to be a ‘homemade’ song rather than a song penned by a professional. The images that accompany the video celebrate the stunning scenery of Bottle Beach. (See update below. I was wrong).

The words of the song are very relevant to the experience of staying on Bottle Beach. The song starts off listing all the troubles in the world: war, forced people displacement etc., but then comes the chorus:

‘If I reach Bottle Beach then everything’s going to be alright for a while’

And this is how it feels to be on Bottle Beach. The isolation and remoteness makes the outside world feel far away. Bottle Beach is a refuge from the cares of the world. It is a place where you can escape the insanity of man’s inhumanity to man.

Bottle Beach is off the electricity grid. Until the early 2000s it was off the road system on the island. If you stayed on Bottle Beach you had to accept that if a storm came up you could be ‘stuck’ on Bottle Beach until the sea calmed down enough to allow boat traffic.

You walk around in your swimsuit or shorts without money. There are no motorbikes, no vendors, no shops, no commercial distractions. It is just you, the beach, the sea and time to chill, swim, play cards, play the guitar, hang out and chat. It is an idyllic existence and an antidote to the brutality of life beyond the beach.

It is a theme that I could wax upon at length. I love being on remote beaches, far from ghastly development. I feel like life is better and less sullied; I feel better ‘for a while’. That is what the Bottle Beach song is about.

UPDATE: Here is a comment below the YouTube posting:

“The Song is called Bottle Beach. It was written by John Nicholas Bocskay and Kenneth May in 2008. It is on the album Beautifully Busted.”