Activities near Bottle Beach

There are numerous activities that you can enjoy at Bottle Beach. They include:

  • Swimming
  • Reading
  • Lying in a hammock
  • Eating and drinking

Only joking, there are other more strenuous things to do in Bottle Beach. You can join a game of beach volleyball; you can chuck a Frisbee back and forth; you can hire a kayak from Haad Khuad Resort and paddle farther out to sea; you can take a walk to the view point; and, you can walk to Haad Khom. You can rent a snorkel and look for fish among the rocks.

Those with an imaginative bent could no doubt create new activities. I and a friend have come up with some Frisbee games that bring in an element of competition and muscle strain.

Other activities that you could organise from Bottle Beach include island boat tours, fishing trips and possibly Thai cooking lessons. Best to ask at your resort and they will quickly point in you in the right direction.

For those determined to pursue more activities. There are a few options available nearby.

For those prepared to risk getting a taxi on the Thong Nai Pan Road there are a number of things the bigger neighbouring bay can offer. On the beaches of Thong Nai Pan Noi and Thong Nai Pan Yai there are jet skis for hire. We don’t recommend doing this as jet ski operators have a poor reputation throughout Thailand.

There are also a couple of dive schools in Thong Nai Pan. H20 Scuba School has their own speed boat and can pick people up from Bottle Beach to go diving. They offer PADI learner courses as well as fun dives to all the major dive sites such as Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacles and Ang Thong National Park. All equipment is provided in the price and also a lunch on the boat. You can contact H2O via their webpage. They have rebranded as H2O Original, not that I’m aware of any imitators. They don’t have a website.

There are a number of spas such as Tanaporn Massage at Thong Nai Pan Noi. There is also a small gym on Thong Nai Pan Yai called Living Well Gym (see more

Just down the road from Thong Nai Pan, on the way to Baan Tai is Jungle Flight. It is a local chap with a farm that has built up an impressive zip line course. He is using the best safety kit and is on Trip Advisor. He also runs walking safaris into the jungle to spot flora and fauna. Recently he has added ATV tours off-road in the jungle to his list of activities. Jungle Flight are not digitally savvy, and unlikely to even pick up the phone. You have to turn up and hope for the best.

Those curious about the other neighbouring beach, Haad Khom – it is another isolated, off-the-grid beach with a hippy vibe. One of the selling points of Haad Khom is that it has corals off-shore that provides decent snorkelling opportunities. It is possible to arrange a return boat trip from Bottle Beach to Haad Khom or you could attempt walking one way. The trek is about 2 km and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. See here for more information.

Finally, there is a 30 minute trek into the jungle that finishes at a huge rock with a great view of the Gulf of Thailand. Ask at your guesthouse for where the trail starts. Bring water and sunscreen, and wear long trousers and decent footwear.

Despite the popular perception that Bottle Beach is boring for those not inclined to stare beatifically at their navel, there is in fact a host of fun things you can do while staying on Bottle Beach.