Bottle Beach Viewpoint Trek

As you can see from the YouTube video below, the viewpoint trek is well worth doing as it provides those who can shake off the famous Bottle Beach lethargy with a stunning view over the northern coast of Koh Phangan.

Don’t be deceived by the video: the final walk out to the viewpoint is not half as precipitous as it looks on the video. The person who filmed it managed to hold on to his or her camera throughout the manoeuvre, and you cannot see in the video that the rock path is much wider underfoot than it might appear.

The head of the trail starts behind Bottle Beach 2. You will see flat land behind Bottle Beach 2. Head back from the beach into this area and you will see a trail leading east up into the hills.

The trail is easy to see. It slowly goes up through fairly thick jungle before eventually exiting into open skies and the final stretch of cliff leading out to the viewpoint. As I mentioned before this final part is not scary. I did it with my wife years ago and neither of us felt any vertigo.

As you look out from the viewpoint you get the best view showing the entirety of Bottle Beach. This is to the left of the rock if you are facing out to sea. On the right is the rocky coastline that forms the north-east corner of Koh Phangan.

As with Bottle Beach generally, plenty of people have done this trek over the years but you are unlikely to meet anyone on the trail. The place never seems crowded.

The trail takes about 30 minutes to complete. Obviously due to the nature of the terrain it is unwise to set off much later than 4pm as it gets dark by 6pm.